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A perfectly cooked rack of lamb, served with a vibrant ragout of spring vegetables, new season potatoes all infused with All things butter Garlic & Herb butter.


Method for the rack of lamb

  • Remove your lamb out of the packaging, pat dry and bring to room temperature then score the fat in 1cm intervals being careful not to cut into the meat then liberally season with sea salt.
  • Preheat a heavy based ovenproof frying pan over a medium heat then place the lamb on the fat side to render until the lamb fat is golden & crisp before searing on the opposite side, this will take around 10 minutes, drain away any excess fat which can be used at a later stag.e
  • Transfer the rack to a preheated oven 180°C /160°C fan assisted (gas 4) for 15 minutes adding a small bunch of fresh thyme or rosemary for added flavour, when cooked It should have a slight spring to touch & a core temperature of 50°C before resting.
  • Leave in a warm place for 10 minutes whilst making the ragout before carving.

Method for spring vegetable ragout

  • Soften the onion in a little olive oil over a medium heat
  • Add the chicken stock & potatoes & bring to a boil.
  • Add the butter & shake the pan until the butter has all been incorporated into the stock.
  • Add the greens, heat through for 1 minute then check seasoning & keep warm ready for serving.

To serve

  • Serve the rack of lamb cut into chops on the ragout with a pea shoot salad dressed in vinaigrette alongside freshly baked crusty sourdough.