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Lamb Neck Fillet is traditionally a butcher's cut, ordinarily reserved for the butcher's own pot. It promises unctuous eating with the ample marbling making it sweet and tender. Paired with tzatziki, it's a fresh and delicious dish.


Lamb Neck Fillet Method

  1. Marinade lamb in olive oil, garlic, splash of white wine & paprika overnight
  2. Griddle over high heat forming a rich, charred crust, 8 to 10 minutes
  3. Make tzatziki whilst the lamb rests in a warm place
  4. Slice lamb through grain, serve with tzatziki, lemon & cous cous salad

Tzatziki Method

  1. Flavour yoghurt with all ingredients except mint & cucumber, this can be done in advance
  2. Fold through cucumber and fresh sliced mint before serving