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cooked chicken popcorn with marinated tomatoes dip


Tomatoes are a staple across many cultures with numerous varieties from beefsteak & Roma plum, cocktail, green and heirloom to name but a few that are suitable for different dishes around the world. The tomato plant is actually a fruit though we commonly treat it as a vegetable to make many dishes from the base of a fresh raw Spanish Gazpacho, as a base for the world famous Margherita pizza & of course tomato ketchup. I like to eat fresh tomatoes in season simply dressed with a little lemon juice, the best olive oil, sea salt & freshly torn basil leaves. They are very simple yet beautiful.


chicken nuggets cooked with marinated tomatoes' korean dip

To start, flavour the mayo with Gochujang, miso, lime juice & light soy to taste, add more Gochujang for more spice.

Roll the chicken pieces through the egg, then through the seasoned cornflakes.

Air fry at 200°C for 8 minutes or shallow fry at 160°C oil until golden & thoroughly cooked.

To serve:

Serve piping hot alongside the Korean dip, lime wedges & the marinated tomato salad.

chicken popcorn prepared with a tomatoes' korean dip