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Prumpelstown Estate Regenerative agriculture

Blog • October 4th 2023

We're excited to introduce a new guest breed, that aligns with our core values. They offer the finest sustainable, high-quality meats by working with nature and regenerative agriculture. The perfect fit for our current range.

History - who is Prompelstown Estate?

The Buitelaar family acquired the Prumpelstown Estate in late 2019. Before this, the estate was home to the Wright family for generations and was formerly the hunting estate of the Duke of Leinster in the 17th century. 2020 saw the beginning of its transition to regenerative agriculture.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is not just a farming method; It is an approach that focuses on nurturing a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Instead of just maintaining the status quo, regenerative agriculture aims to make a conscious, positive impact on our environment. Through the rotation of herds on pasture, our farmers give these lands time to regenerate topsoil, not only storing carbon but helping to promote fertile soil that leads to a healthy environment.

Farming this way is a balancing act and our farmers would describe it as 'old fashioned' but the modern term for this is regenerative agriculture. This isn't a 'movement' or a change to the status quo, it's something our farmers have always done and passed down through generations.

How does this impact the meat?

Grazing on tasty and nutritious multi-species swards that provide a diverse mix of grasses, legumes, and other plants. The cattle are fed a rich salad bowl of herbaceous goodness every day. This results in great tasting, flavoursome meats farmed in a traditional way.