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Our October Update: Mutton, Christmas, & Recipes

Blog • September 25th 2016

The weather's certainly turned in the Dales, it's getting very blustery and chilly at times, and the leaves are changing colour. There is a silver lining though, warm indulgent slow cooks, and we have plenty of heritage breed casserole steak of pork, beef, lamb, and mutton to whet your appetite.

The mutton has just come back in stock too, after a brief hiatus of being out of stock (we have been pleasantly surprised at just how popular it is). Our latest batch is sourced from Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, just to the North and West of our base in Ripon, where we are dry aging the mutton to tenderness in our dedicated dry aging room.

Though mutton is often thought of for slow cooks and curries, it's also well worth a try for a roast, with the meat being rich, succulent, and very flavoursome. You can browse our full range here, while if you'd like to find out more about our mutton, be sure to check our Chris Berry's new blog about our supply.

It's at this time of year too that our thoughts are turning to Christmas. You may already have noticed, but our Christmas section is now already live and looking very tasty indeed.

Launching our range early has a number of advantages. Firstly, it means you can ensure getting your perfect festive centrepiece sorted early on, and we'll be offering an early bird delivery too for peace of mind. Secondly, because our Christmas produce is sourced from small farms and artisan producers, it means we can keep them in the loop so we're as prepared as possible for the big day. Often there is limited stock when sourcing from such establishments, so if you're after something of ours in particular, it's best to order early to avoid disappointment.

This year, there's a number of new additions to fire your imagination, such as our Swaledale Hogget Carvery Leg, as well as all the classics, such as our turkeys, geese, and beef centrepieces.

We'll be sending out more information about our Christmas offerings in the near future.

There's also plenty of new recipes onsite. Resident chef Jeff Baker has been adding to the section with classics from his own kitchen. This month Jeff has posted:

How to Cook Calves Liver, Crispy Sage, and Melted Onions

How to Cook Griddled Lamb Neck Fillet with Tzatziki

How to Cook Pork Rib Eye Steak on the Bone with Parsley and Caper Dressing

There'll be more online too, so keep your eyes peeled. We'll also be welcoming some heritage breeds this month we haven't seen for some time, and if you're not already subscribed to our emails, that's a great way to stay in the loop.

All the best,

John and Lee