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Our June Update from the Dales & Fells

Blog • June 1st 2016
BHBGY3 Gloucester cow in grassy field with wooden fence behind

June is here, and with it is Summer at last.

It's this time of year that we like to do farm visits, as its less likely to be bucketing down with rain. Visiting Birchfield Farm in Nidderdale is always a treat, especially because they make their own ice cream on site, while Martin the farmers lets his Old Spot and Saddleback piglets roam around the farmyard. It's also wonderful to visit David Harrison up at the Nook. We tend to stock David's Galloway beef the year round because the beef is just so exquisite. Half of his herd grazes just to the east of Nidderdale, while the other half graze the valley tops of Wharfedale. On a clear day the views from here are absolutely stunning, and it was here that the Tour de France passed a couple of years back, if you recall.

Back at our base in Ripon, we've been busy preparing for Summer. As you might have read in our last newsletter, there's a whole host of new steaks available, while our development chef Jeff has been rustling up a treat in the kitchen, and trying out and testing his barbecue marinades.

They are:


The Japanese classic of sweet taste.

Smokey Cajun Dry Rub Spice Mix

Smokey & spicy, perfect for drying rubbing chicken or beef.

Japanese Miso, Garlic, & Coriander Marinade

Miso enhances everything it touches, particularly good with short ribs.

Traditional Tandoori Spice Mix

The Indian classic, perfect for adding a kick to your barbecue cuts.

Minted Yoghurt, Garlic, & Paprika Marinade

Expect succulent finishes and aroma from this marinade.

We'll be adding more recipes up as summer gets into full swing, while if you're planning a barbecue feast anytime soon, don't forget there's big savings on our steak and barbecue boxes at the moment.

Speaking of boxes, we've also launched a new box this past week: The Butcher's Weekly Beef Box. Here Andrew our Master Butcher pops in the box each week what's fresh and best. So if we're getting in a some fantastic heritage breed beef, or its barbecue weather, or we have some great looking steaks, Andrew will pop it in the box. Each week there will be a roasting joints, steaks, and all sorts of usuable cuts.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for new beef breeds on our site this month. For the first time ever we'll be supplying Shetland beef. This rare breed is a very infrequent visitor south of the border, and as you can imagine the chefs we supply are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it, but we're making sure to have enough to supply you too at home. We'll be sending out an email when it's ready - at the moment it's being dry aged to utter tenderness under the watchful eye of Andrew!

All the best,

John & Lee