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Our July Update: The Tour, New Cuts, and Our New Farm!

Blog • July 16th 2014

It's been quite a month for all of us at Farmison & Co, from our Yorkshire farmers manning campsites, to our staff who packed dozens of packs of commemorative sausages, to our sheep that were painted yellow. We're talking of course about the spectacle of the Tour coming to our doorsteps.

The peloton zipped right through our home patch, past farms in Airedale, Wharedale, Swaledale, Wensleydale, and Swaledale. If you haven' t already, check out our farm by farm guide to the tour. If you were watching, chances are you saw how cattle, sheep, and pigs frolicking in the fields.

You would have also seen the lovely Dales and dry stonewalls that characterize our neck of the woods. The countryside is just so pristine and air so clean up on the tops, and the grazing in the valley bottoms so lush, that often we wonder if any other environment could match the amazing marbling and flavour of our meat.

It's also been a busy month for our butcher. There's plenty of new produce going live on the site as we gear up for the summer holidays. That means tasty treats for the barbecue, and nutritious cuts for family meals. If you're interested, take a look at our ever-growing meat larder for our full range of foodie cuts for simple, yet appetizing cooking.

Our new products this month are:

Harrogate Cured Bacon

Named for the nearby Yorkshire spa town, this versatile bacon is cured with a special Butcher's blend to enhance its natural robust flavour.

The Yorkshire Grand Depart Sausage

A BBQ treat for watching the Tour with, these light summery sausages are a cyclist's dream, being lean, nutritious, and very tasty.

Gourmet Rib Steak Burgers

Hand made by our Master Butcher, these Yorkshire Dales beef burgers are 100% beef for a juicy patty and maximum flavour.

Award Winning Pork Pies

A top quality pie made to a generations old recipe, boasting rich pastry and lightly spiced native breed pork.

lamb sweetbreads

Lamb Sweetbreads

Prepared from the thymus and parathymus glands of the lamb, this is British offal at its best and worth trying if you haven't before. Such butchery demands expertise to cut correctly and to choose the lamb of optimum age for optimum flavour.

lamb scrag end

Lamb Scrag End

A great value old fashioned cut which has made something of a come back in recent years. The scrag end is a primal cut, which means it is separated from the carcass during butchering.

Don't forget we've also got cooking tips on each page, while if you have any doubts about cooking a particular cut give us a call! We have two in house chefs who'd be happy to give pointers.

We've also got a new farm on our books. The Nook Farm is nestled on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, near the village of Grewelthorpe and the historic folly of Druid's Temple, The Nook Farm is run by the Harrison family who have farmed the local land for generations. Mr David Harrison is the current occupant of The Nook, with 50 to 60 or so native breed cows. The herd is mainly Galloway cattle, of which there are White, Red, Black, Dun, and Belted, but David also has Shorthorns, Aberdeen Angus, and Hereford.

He took the decision 40 years ago to take on the Galloways as they were a threatened breed, and because as animals they're extremely hardy. That trait is essential because David for much of the time actually keeps his Galloways on the valley tops above Kilnsey Crag in Wharfedale. It's an area well known to rock climbers and hill walkers, with stunning vistas characterized by dry stonewalls and limestone outcrops.

Here the herd can graze on upland pasture in pristine countryside, and are allowed to mature at their own pace. The result is fantastic meat, with well developed flavours as you'd expect from a native breed allowed to thrive in its natural setting.