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Our Flagship Breed: The Aberdeen Angus

Blog • October 8th 2014

The Angus must carry the title as most popular beef breed in the world. Maybe not the most populous, but certainly the most cited as a provider of well-marbled quality beef.

Nowadays vast herds of Angus roam the prairies of America, as well as vast ranches in Latin America and Australia. It makes our operation feel very small in comparison, and it's funny to think that the vast majority of the breed are descended from a single cow, called Old Granny, who hailed from Aberdeenshire in the early 19th century.

Our mission though is quality, not quantity. As befits a breed of the Angus' pedigree, we often think of it as our flag ship breed. Though common, the intrinsic flavour of this wonderful creature is right up there with our rarest breeds.

We always try and have it on the site year round, as we know it's so popular, while the consistency of the meat is well endeared to many of our regular shoppers.

As with all our breeds, the process of ensuring the best meat begins at once.

As a rule our beef is all grass fed and allowed to mature at their own pace. This steady process of the animal gaining weight ensures it isn't fattened up too quick, but instead allows the beast to develop in a natural environment, and to ensure beautiful marbling and real flavour.

This, we believe, is how things should be done, and this traditional approach is complemented by the artisan skills of our Master Butcher.

It is he who 'finishes' the meat, that is dry ages the beef. The amount of time it takes varies per butcher, and cut. Some butchers even go as far as maturing their beef for over 60 days.

This is to concentrate the flavour as the beef dries out, and to tenderize the meat, so that upon cooking you can expect melting quality, and mouth watering taste.

This is what you can expect with any Angus steak you order, grass fed, free range, and matured to absolute perfection.