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A Jubilee Summer BBQ

Blog • May 24th 2012

It is time for a Jubilee Summer BBQ, with your friends and family by your side, the warm summer sun beating down on your back and a ice cold beer or summer cocktail in your hand and the gorgeous aroma of a BBQ bounty sizzling away. A BBQ creates a unique culinary anticipation that will satisfy and convince even the most cynical skeptics.

Some of the fondest memories I have are of spending time with family and friends hosting or attending barbeques. I have done them all; On the beach, in the back yard, inside, outside, in the rain, the sun, in the snow, in the wild African savanna and even on the back of a truck. The moment the BBQ tongs are placed in the hand, each of us (man & woman alike) becomes the BBQ master, the King of Sizzle, the Tong Master, the provider of meaty goodness. It is as though barbequing touches on some ancient familiar instinct that awakens the hunter gatherer in each of us. Etymologists all believe that the concept of barbequing flavoured meat over open fire was born in the Caribbean region many moons ago.

Well, ask any man and they will tell you that the BBQ may have been invented in the Caribbean but it is perfected a little more each time he or she magically produces some of the most delicious food to ever grace your lips. Barbequing is an event. It is a declaration of love. It is a social endeavour. Sausages, steaks, chicken, burgers, vegetable skewers, salads, toasted bread all form part of a culinary tapestry laid out before hungry eyes. People bring their best salad, their own master piece to contribute to the event. Sun cream covered kids are running around, laughing and tumbling in the summer sun. The grown ups are all engaged in serious statements of intent and silly jokes. The smoke filling the air with aromatic anticipation.

Making the most of the British summer, hosting BBQ's for friends and family is the perfect way to create long lasting memories. And with a Jubilee summer upon us, the right time is now. Go on, choose a BBQ hamper here, invite your friends and family, dream up some new BBQ recipes and enlighten everyone with tasty treasures.