Swaledale Mutton

Hill Sheep Grazed On Wild Heather

Native Breed

The Swaledale is the sheep of the Dales. They adorn the signs for the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and can be seen themselves wandering the wild stretches between the valleys in search of foraging. Ours mature slowly, at their own pace, on the heather that grows on the tops. This gives the meat a sweet as well as robust and almost herbal flavour, with the Swaledale providing some of Yorkshire’s most renowned lamb and mutton.

Tasting Notes: Robust, Complete, Herbal

Swaledale Minced Mutton

1 X 500g (1.1lb)


7 Day Dry-aged Swaledale Diced Mutton

1 X 500g (1.1lb)


Swaledale Mutton Kofta

12 X 30g (1.1oz)


7 Days Dry-aged Swaledale Mutton Neck Chop

1 X 500g (1.1lb)


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7 Days Dry-aged Swaledale Diced Mutton On The Bone

1 X 1Kg (2.2lb)


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