Why Grass Fed Beef Is Best

Grass Fed Beef is Best – for you, for animal welfare and for the countryside

As Nature Intended

Enjoying succulent, mouth-wateringly taste-rich beef is one of life’s greatest pleasures especially when cooked to perfection served alongside a full-bodied red wine - and the preparation to meet this passion starts in the field.

Grass-reared beef whereby heritage breed cattle graze in their natural environment has been proven, through professional testing and meat experts, to be more nutritious than grain-fed beef and it is Farmison & Co’s passion and mission to work with farmers who are dedicated to ethical rearing in their quest to encourage everyone to Eat Better Meat.


If you recall the days when your parents used to say ‘go out and play, get some fresh air’ then one of the principles of grass-reared beef is simple. It’s all about the natural way in which all cattle used to live their lives. Historically cattle have always been animals that graze naturally in fields and their diet of grass, shrubs and edible plants has been the source of providing the beef our bodies are well equipped to digest..

Raised slowly, enjoying a better and longer life and allowed to mature at a normal rate rather than being pushed on with growth acceleration through feeding of grain or other more unnatural methods and kept inside can have a major effect on the composition of beef. Grass reared beef is nutrient-rich with health benefits of fewer calories, greater Omega 3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and micronutrients all of which emanate from a healthy life in the field.


Healthy, clean living in a natural environment offering pasture freedom gives cattle a relaxed, stress-free existence. It is this life style that Farmison & Co chefs acknowledge as one of the main reasons behind the outstanding taste that has brought recognition in recent awards.

‘Taste is everything,’ says Farmison & Co Executive Chef Jeff Baker. ‘Grass reared heritage beef cattle, raised in the field eat a natural diet live in a natural environment and this means the cattle are both happier and healthier. Grain reared beef involves a more unnatural process of bulking up where cattle are kept inside amidst greater health concerns picking up bugs by being closer together, live less of a life in terms of longevity and certainly not as relaxed an environment.’

‘You often hear on TV cooking shows that stress in the kitchen leads to stress on the plate. The same applies if cattle lead stressful lives, that’s why at Farmison & Co we source only animals that have clearly led and enjoyed a fruitful, relaxed, stress-free life eating a natural diet. That’s the kind of beef the UK consumer was always used to years ago and I’m delighted that through Farmison & Co we source grass reared, ethically thoughtful beef from farmers and producers who appreciate the vital part animal husbandry and pasture freedom has to play in what is eventually served on the plate.’


Succulence starts from the breed itself and every breed of cattle has a different taste. Some may be similar rather like single malt whiskies from similar areas, but not one is the same. This is also true of cattle breeds, what they eat, how they grow and the lives they lead.

Grass reared heritage beef offers fantastic marbling that due to the lack of stress because of having led a natural life blends into the dark red meat with yellow coloured fat superbly when cooking and it is this taste - rich sensation that Farmison & Co customers are coming back for again and again.

The first port of call with any meat is that you should be transported by its taste, but grass reared heritage beef from Farmison & Co offers so much more in nutrition, breed sustainability and environmental responsibility.


There is a common held misconception that all cattle live on grass. This is certainly not the case, indeed most calves born may never see grass at all apart from eating silage from inside a barn. That’s not the Farmison & Co way.

Farmison & Co is 100 per cent committed to the natural, stress free life of outdoor, pasture plentiful, grass reared heritage beef allowing British breeds to continue their sustainability in a humane, slowly raised and matured manner.

‘We are in our own small way helping to bring back some of the natural order to livestock production and the countryside,’ says Lee Simmonds of Farmison & Co. ‘We feel that the taste, diet and nutrient benefits of grass reared heritage beef raised in fields, in pleasant pastures, in the hills and dales appropriate to each breed is beneficial to all - our consumers, our farmers and the countryside. Seeing cattle in fields is a wonderful sight, very much part of our heritage. We also have some beautiful outstanding breeds that don’t just look good for tourists, their beef from having led a stress free existence with a natural diet tastes fantastic and has been proven in research to have health benefits.’

‘We believe grass reared heritage beef helps everyone – the countryside, heritage beef rearers and you. Try any of our breeds today. You won’t be disappointed and you will be part of the increasing recognition that grass reared heritage beef is the best you’ve ever tasted.’

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