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Japanese Wagyu

Introducing our latest guest breed: Japanese Black wagyu. Sourced from Japan's Kagoshima prefecture, an award-winning region renowned for producing the finest quality wagyu, this is some of the finest beef in the world, available for home delivery here in the UK.

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Japanese wagyu beef

understanding the grading system

Before Japanese wagyu beef is awarded its grade, a number of measurements and observations are made to determine the quality of the wagyu beef.

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introducing Japanese Wagyu Beef

At Farmison & Co we've pioneered selling meat by breed to showcase and celebrate the natural nuances in favour that native livestock offer. The ancient bloodlines of our livestock are the great contribution of the British Isles to global cuisine, but as butchers, chefs, and livestock men and women, we also take inspiration from global food traditions and cultures. Today, wagyu is one of the most celebrated beef breeds in the world and we wanted to showcase this delicacy to our home cooks. For this end, we've worked with an expert supplier and a small number of farmers in the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan to source this delicacy.

about the prefecture:


Kagoshima is one of 47 prefectures, situated on the southern tip of Japan's Kyushu island. The area is known for its year-round subtropical climate, hot springs and volcanoes, as well as exceptional wagyu - winning gold in the last 'Best Beef Olympics', held every five years in Japan.

Just like wine regions, the prefectures of Japan determine the quality and taste of wagyu. The climate and ecology here is well suited to raising healthy cattle with low stress levels, a necessary component of achieving top-grade wagyu. Blessed with sufficient sun and natural surroundings, that terroir translates into the taste of the wagyu, with beef connoisseurs heralding the Kagoshima prefecture as producing the very best wagyu in the country.

about japanese wagyu beef

Wagyu is the legendary, marvellously-marbled, luxurious beef native to Japan. The name literally meaning Japanese cow or cattle - 'wa' translating to Japanese, and 'gyu' translating to cow. This breed of wagyu, Japanese Black, is from the Kagoshima prefecture, where they are blessed with sun and natural surroundings of this warm, tropical island.

Raised with respect and affection in the Kagoshima prefecture which produces top-grade Japanese Black beef that can't be replicated here in the UK. It's down to the unique DNA of the breed that is responsible for their splendid intramuscular fat marbling, as well as the dedicated feeding regime that farmers have adhered to for decades.