Other Chicken Cuts & Duck Cuts

These alternative cuts of chicken are inspired by traditions of poultry preparation, with these artisanal, alternative cuts crafted on the butcher's block for outstanding dishes. Whether our chicken wings, legs, or thighs, these cuts are prepared in the same way they have been for generations, sourced exclusively from ethically reared chicken. Each cut has its own recipe attached if you're in any doubt as to how to approach it, making for succulent, rich dishes the year round.


Chicken Kofta

Authentic patties with ground chicken & Indian Spices

chicken goujons

Chicken Goujons

Simple, crispy, tasty & light

chicken wings

Free Range Chicken Wings

Tasty Free Range Chicken Wings Ideal for Marinating

chicken thigh

Free Range Chicken Thigh

Free Range Skin on Thigh Joints of Juicy Chicken

Duck Leg

Duck Leg

Rich, Succulent Duck Legs

chicken drumsticks

Free Range Chicken Drumstick

Meaty Free Range Drumsticks Perfect for Finger Food

chicken legs

Free Range Chicken Leg

Wholesome Free Range Chicken Legs of Succulent, Brown Meat

Free Range Chicken Box

Free Range Chicken Box

Save over £11.50 on this free range collection

Duck Confit

Duck Confit

A French classic made from Yorkshire Free Range Ducks

chicken stir fry

Chicken Stir Fry

A simple, healthy & nutritious meal in minutes


Diced Chicken Thigh

Perfect chunks of pure free-range chicken thigh. Perfect for slow flavoursome cooking.