Trimmed Rack Of Pork Loin

A Roasting Rack Special of Dry Aged Pork Ribs

Expertly cut from the loin, the dry aging process concentrates the rich intrinsic flavour of the meat, and slow roasted makes for a spectacular and succulent roast, ideal for easy carving into neat portions. Our native breed pork promises outstanding succulence and flavour by virtue of a rich diet and being allowed to mature at their own pace.

A roasting joint recently in fashion, the intact rack is an eye catching specimen on the butcher's block, and even more so as a celebration roast. This is sourced from a supply of outdoor reared pork, to ensure ample fat covering and deep colour and character. This is added to upon dry aging, which concentrates the flavours and imbues the meat with further character.

Roasting on the bone ensures fantastic flavouring and moist, succulent meat that yields neat portions of delicious pork. As an alternative to more traditional roasts, try served with a cauliflower cheese to pair with the pork flavour, alongside crusty bread and a classic mustard sauce.

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Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Yorkshire Pig 14 Days 8 1 X 2.2Kg (4.9lb) Nidderdale - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty £19.95
Outdoor Reared
Yorkshire Pig 45 Days 8 1 X 2.2Kg (4.9lb) Nidderdale - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty £29.95 Out Of Stock

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