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The Artisan Pork Slider

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Chef Prepared Great Britain

Made using our heritage breed pork and using only the best cuts, these Artisan Pork Sliders will become a staple of the barbecue. A blend of prime pork shoulder & belly creates a rich, meaty mini-patty; a million miles from your commercial pork burgers or sliders. Simply seasoned with salt & artisan black pepper and a little secret spice to showcase the real flavour of our outdoor reared Yorkshire pork. Our chef/butcher collaboration creates a perfectly blended, meaty, textured slider whilst being juicy with a soft.


A quality slider made from our Heritage breed Yorkshire pork, promises to be juicy and succulent made with our best cuts of pork to make sure there is plenty of flavour running through the mini-patty. They have been months in development & these pork sliders are inspired by gourmet dining. These sliders are as pure as possible.

Easy to cook indoors or grill on a barbecue, this Pork slider will become a family favourite. Serve in a toasted mini-brioche bun, with your choice of condiments & pickles alongside crispy pancetta & mature cheeses.

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