Dry Cured Gammon Shank

Shelf Life: Min. 8 Days

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Outdoor Reared Can Be Frozen Gluten Free Great Britain

Subtle yet distinct in flavour, our Gammon Shanks offer superb value, and reflect generations old traditions of pork butchery. Cured with a home made salt brine, this careful process brings out and enhances the rich flavour of the gammon shank. As such this artisan cut is perfect for slow cooking with seasonal vegetables, for rich, satisfying dishes with long in the mouth flavour.

Gammon Shank is often known as Hock, and are taken from the lower part of back leg of the hog. This yields meaty joints, though leaner than the belly or the shoulder. It is then cured in our dedicated curing room, the same way it has been for generations, and hung to intensify the flavours as the salt intensifies the flavour of the outdoor reared pork.

These cured gammon shanks make for a marvelous slow cook the year round, and are increasingly to be found on specials boards, offering rich pork flavour and real fragrance. Bring to the boil with large onions, carrots, and celery, to infuse the meat with aroma and simmer for at least three hours. Serve with boiled potatoes, carrots, and hot beer mustard.

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