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Yorkshire Dales Jointed Wild Rabbit

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Our jointed whole rabbit is fresh, lean, and expertly butchered, making for marvellous pies, stews, and even curries. The rich, gamey flavour of this meat owes to the lush pastures in the upper reaches of Wensleydale, Wharfedale, and Nidderdale these rabbits feed upon, giving it real character. The limited availability make our Jointed Wild Rabbit a seasonal treat, perfect for warming dishes. NOTE: May Contain Shot

Rabbit was once a staple of the British table, but is less widely available now with the advent of industrially sourced foods. Skinning rabbits is a real art, with the skins carefully removed on the butcher's block, and the bones removed. What is left is a surprisingly meaty joint, and a seasonal country butcher's special not to be missed, with characteristic lean meat and pale colouring.

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Popularised during the war with farmed meat in short supply, wild rabbit is increasingly appearing on special's boards as chefs rediscover the rich heritage of country traditions of game. Prepare into classic rabbit pie, or slow cook with a mirepoix and serve with buttered noodles, braised peas, and grain mustard.

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