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Yorkshire Dales Grouse

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The arrival of Grouse on The Glorious 12th signals the start of the UK game hunting season. This fine game bird is only ever shot on our doorstep here in North Yorkshire or further afield in Scotland. As members of the British Game Alliance (BGA) we source the best birds this country has to offer, only ever using well managed shoots from the Moorlands & valleys of the stunning Dales. These shoots adhere to strict welfare guidelines & processing standards.

This gem of a bird boasts a rich, earthy & gamey flavour which makes it such a firm favourite. Roast whole wrapped in our Dry Cure Ripon Cathedral Streaky bacon served with game chips, a light gravy & a good spoonful of homemade bread sauce. NOTE: May contain shot

Some birds are dispatched with the livers attached. These can be cut off and discarded or cooked and served on toast, or used to make a flavoursome stock alongside the bones.

These birds are primarily sourced from the Yorkshire valleys of Wharfedale, Nidderdale, and Wensleydale. Game was once a key part of the butcher’s business with grouse the first game bird to appear on the butcher’s block. These birds are carefully de feathered and the innards removed before being dispatched fresh. Be sure to have a quick look for shot before cooking, in the unlikely chance it was missed.

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Wrap in bacon and grill, or cut the meat into strips, bread it, and deep-fry it for delicious and memorable results, grouse is an Autumnal favourite, and the first sign of the seasons changing. All our game birds are wild, and may contain pellets. Although we are stringent in checking the birds, please be sure to check yourself before cooking.
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