Game Birds

Our game birds are sourced primarily from the Yorkshire valleys of Wharfedale, Nidderdale, and Wensleydale. Game birds are a fantastic addition to the English menu, boasting the robust and warming flavours that make it ideal for autumnal and winter dishes. The complex taste is thanks to their wild diet of berries, acorns, and buds in the valleys and on the moorlands of the Yorkshire Dales. Game was once a key part of the country butcher's business with pheasant, partridge, and grouse in abundance from shoots. Be sure to have a quick look for shot before cooking, in the unlikely chance it was missed.

More Information Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeon - Out Of Season

Gamey, with Dark Meat, and Delicious Pan Fried

More Information Pheasant

Pheasant - Out Of Season

Succulent Pheasant with Robust Flavour

More Information Mallard

Mallard - Out Of Season

Lean Wild Duck, Ideal for Roasting

More Information Partridge

Partridge - Out Of Season

Wholesome Delicate Brace of Dales Partridge

More Information Grouse

Grouse - Out Of Season

Deep, Dark, and Gamey, a Seasonal British Special