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turkey sandwich cooked


Enjoy all the flavours of Christmas with our ultimate turkey sandwich. Whether you indulge in these during the run up to the big day, or on boxing day with leftovers, it's a must have for all the family.


How To Build The Sandwich:

  1. Spread the butter evenly onto the bread
  2. Reserve 2 buttered slices of bread to one side
  3. With the other 2 slices start to build the layers for the sandwich
  4. Divide the stuffing between the 2 slices of bread
  5. Top with sliced beetroot & the lambs lettuce (or watercress)
  6. Next pile on the shredded turkey & season with sea salt flakes
  7. Spoon a little gravy & cranberry ketchup/relish over the turkey
  8. Place the crispy pancetta over the top
  9. Finish with a layer of crisps
  10. Place bread on top to create the sandwich & enjoy!