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This steak is a real sensation, bridging the gap between a huge steak and a roasting joint. It’s large enough to feed four adults, and with the bone left in, the Tomahawk is a real centerpiece.


  1. For maximum flavour, bring the steak to room temperature and fire up the barbecue in the meantime.
  2. There is no need to rub oil into the steak as it has enough natural fat and marbling already, and which will caramelize upon cooking.
  3. Grill over a fierce heat for 7 to 8 minutes on one side then carefully turn onto the other side, seasoning as you go with a little sea salt, (my preferred salt is Halon Mon, made from sea water from the Menai Straight).
  4. Carry on cooking until nicely charred then remove to a less direct heat and cook for a few more minutes depending on how you like your steaks. Personally, I think this steak is fantastic nicely blackened on the outside and pink and rosey on the inside.
  5. A quick test to tell how far along the steak is, is to give test it to touch as it'll firm up the longer it is cooked for. It should still be slightly giving when it's medium rare, and with just a little give when well done working to a minimum temperature of 56°C.

To Serve

There's a variety of ways to serve the Tomahawk, with some chips is always a winner and béarnaise sauce. I'd recommend serving with burnt tomatoes, some crisp cos lettuce hearts tossed in vinaigrette and a few charred pre boiled new potatoes.