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  1. To roast the lamb a really good tip is to nestle it in some hay, with a branch of rosemary and a few whole garlic cloves, cooking it in a hot oven at about 200oc.
  2. Be sure to take out the meat from the chiller an hour or so before cooking, lightly seasoning with salt and pepper and sealing in a hot pan, rendering some of the fat on a medium heat until golden and then transferring to a roasting tray lined with hay.
  3. Nestle the rack in and pop into a preheated oven for 15 minutes or so keeping the meat nice and pink. Aim to get to 58-oc-core temperature of the centre of the joint and once cooked rest the rack for a further 10 minutes to relax before carving.

Gratin Dauphinoise

  1. This creamy indulgent potato gratin is an ideal side dish. To make, warm equal amounts of cream and full fat milk - 500 ml in total - with some crushed garlic, salt, and ground white pepper and leave to infuse for a few moments.
  2. Next, peel, wash and finely slice 500g of main crop potatoes. Pour the cream mix over the spuds passing through a fine sieve, then layer in a earthenware dish, covering with cream mix as you go.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 215oc for 15 minutes, then lower the heat to 175 oc and cook until tender and golden. Be sure to press the potatoes down from time to time, cooking for around 40 minutes or so in total.

Baked Heritage Carrots

  1. For the carrots, I simply place them together in a tin foil bag with a sprig of thyme or rosemary, a whole garlic clove, sea salt, and a teaspoon of duck fat.
  2. I then bake in the oven for a minimum of 1 hour until the vegetables are sweet and lightly caramelized. For green vegetables and brassica I boil them in lots of salted water until just cooked, then I refresh in ice-cold water and drain.
  3. To finish, I gently toss in a little butter and cracked pepper, sometimes with toasted almonds, caraway seeds or crispy smoked bacon and a few diced shallots.