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cooked reuben sandwich


There are lots of variations on this epic sandwich, which is famous throughout NYC delis. This is our take on the Reuben salt beef sandwich. Note: the salt beef can be swapped out for our ready prepared English Corned beef.


  1. Make the relish by simply stirring together the mayo, ketchup, mustard, horseradish and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and keep to one side
  2. Next make the cheese sauce by melting the butter and flour together over a medium heat, then gradually whisk in the milk to create a thick white sauce followed by the cheese. Season to taste and keep warm.

To assemble:

  1. Shallow fry the bread in melted butter until golden.
  2. Spoon the sauerkraut between two slices of fried bread, followed by the salt beef, top with the cheese sauce, then finally a dollop of the relish. Sandwich together and eat straight away with sliced gherkin.

To serve:

  • A nice cold beer and lots of napkins!
cooked reuben sandwich