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cooked rump steak, broccoli tempura & soy


Broccoli season begins in early spring and runs throughout the summer months. It's classified as a brassica, a close relative to cauliflower and kale. There are different species including the common Calabrese, Romanesco and Purple sprouting. The list of uses is endless, from raw salads to rich and velvety soups, stir-fried or simply steamed; it's loved by both adults and children alike. A little tip is to use the thick stalk, which is utterly delicious, peel the outer & slice into batons then enjoy raw, charred or simply boiled.


grilled rump steak, broccoli tempura & soy recipe ingredients

Method for the steak:

  1. Divide the marinade into half, using one half to brush onto the steak and reserving the rest for a dipping sauce to be placed on the table.
  2. Take a heavy based frying pan, or BBQ set for direct grilling and over a high heat sear the steak for 4 to 5 minutes on each side reducing the heat if getting too dark with a core temperature of 50°C before resting, brushing the steak with extra marinade as it cooks, leave to rest for a few minutes whilst you finish the tempura.
grilled rump steak on resting board

Method for the tempura:

dipping tempura in batter
  1. To start prepare the vegetables and weigh out the tempura ingredients.
  2. Heat a fryer (or a large pan a third full) of peanut or sunflower oil to 180°C.
  3. Once the oil has come up to temperature, using chopsticks quickly beat the egg yolk into the ice-cold water then into the flour with chopsticks, until you have a lumpy batter similar viscosity of double cream.
  4. Check the temperature of the oil by dropping in a little batter into oil - it should sizzle immediately - then fry the ingredients in small batches, dipping them in the batter to coat before carefully placing into the oil and fry 3 to 4 minutes until crisp and lightly coloured.
fried tempura

To serve:

Slice the across the and place on warmed serving plates, top with broccoli tempura. Scatter over fresh coriander, spring onions, ginger strips and sesame seeds. Serve alongside the reserved dipping sauce and Wasabi.