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This dish is best eaten fresh. If you are making it in advance you may want to keep the dressing in a separate lidded container and add just before eating.


  1. Preheat oven to 140°C, 275°F, Gas mark 1.
  2. Place the chicken breast on a wire in a roasting tin.
  3. Carefully add a little freshly boiled water to the tray. (This will have the effect of steaming the chicken and will keep it succulent).
  4. Place chicken in oven for approximately 20-25 mins. Slice through the middle to ensure it is cooked.
  5. Remove from oven and set aside to cool.
  6. Make the ribbon carrot using a potato peeler, paring the carrot carefully, producing long thin ribbons of carrot.
  7. Place in a portable plastic container with lid.
  8. Using a sharp knife and flat surface, carefully slice the skin off the top and bottom of the orange ensuring you have removed the bitter white pith. Keeping the orange on the flat surface, carefully work your way around it removing the rest of the peel. Holding the orange in one hand work down the sides of each orange segment with your knife leaving the skin behind, producing a complete skinless segment.
  9. Repeat this process for both oranges.
  10. Add the orange segments to the container along with the ribbon carrot.
  11. Carefully slice the cooled chicken breast into pieces approximately 5mm thick.
  12. Add to container with ribbon carrot and oranges, cover and keep chilled.
  13. To make the dressing, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, lemon juice, fresh coriander and salt to vegetable oil. Mix thoroughly.
  14. Add the dressing to taste along with the chicken, carrot and orange.
  15. Mix through. (you may not need all of this but it will keep for a few days).
  16. Serve.

Source: Resident Food Farmison Blogger Gaynor Mairs.