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fried rice with chinese sausage


Fried rice is a thrifty way to use up leftover rice. The ingredients are up to you - but aim to choose contrasting colours, flavours and textures. Substitute the Chinese sausage if necessary with some cooked ham or pancetta.


  1. Prepare by topping and tailing the baby turnips, then slicing into thin circles.
  2. Cut the asparagus, mushrooms and Chinese sausage into bitesize pieces. Cut the spring onions into small pieces.
  3. Quickly stir fry the turnips, asparagus, and mushrooms in a little olive oil in a wok, before tossing in the Chinese sausage, which will add flavour and fat to the pan.
  4. Add the rice. Season with the oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper and sugar and toss everything in the pan - ensuring every grain of rice is separated and coated with the flavours in the pan.
  5. Sprinkle the spring onions over the rice and serve.