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The September Bulletin: Harvest Time

Blog • September 9th 2014

The leaves already in the Dales are beginning to blow down, and as the game season unfolds as it has for centuries in our neck of the woods, seasonal slow cooks and casseroles are beginning to feature more on the menu, to banish the chill.

For our farmers, late Summer is all about getting ready for Winter, and they can be very hard in the Dales and Fells. Many of them prepare their own hay ready for their flocks and herds, such as Stephen Airey of Snowdrop Villa Farm, and Anne Robinson of Woodcock Hill Farm.

This ensures the integrity of our meat is preserved right through the Winter months, so our animals aren't fed on a diet of industrial feeds.

Lets hope for an Indian Summer though, and we've got plenty of recipes on our site to entice you. Jeff Baker's BBQ'd pork rib eye steaks has proven a particular favourite, and we've been delighted with the glowing reviews of Jeff's Spring Lamb Hotpots.

If you haven't had a try yet, don't miss out - our Saltmarsh lamb in particular really is hitting its seasonal stride. Our flocks have spent the Summer munching on wild flowers, herbs, and grasses regularly inundated by the sea. This imbues the meat with sweet notes, and makes for particularly succulent meat.

All the best,

John and Lee