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Savour The Flavour with Farmison & Co's Limited Edition Jerk Chicken

Blog • September 7th 2023

A culinary masterpiece inspired by the bold flavours of the Caribbean. Created in-house by our Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Baker, the secret lies in the carefully curated, authentic spice blend. With a kick of chilli and a warm embrace of allspice, using a whole chicken cut on the bone into 8 neat joints by our butchers then left to marinade in spices.

Whether you're firing up the BBQ, savouring the slow roast in your oven, or opting for the modern magic of air frying, our Jerk Chicken is sure to impress with succulent results every time.

the secret spice blend

At Farmison & co we believe in the art of food and our jerk chicken is no exception. Our secret lies in the carefully curated spice blend, crafted in-house by our Michelin-starred chef Jeff Baker himself. With an irresistible kick of chilli and a warm embrace of allspice, this blend transforms a simple chicken into something special.

the preparation: whole chicken, eight perfect pieces

To create our mouthwatering jerk chicken, we start with a whole chicken cut on the bone into eight neat joints. This careful preparation by our butchers ensures that every piece is infused with the rich flavour of our authentic spice blend. The bone-in cut adds depth to the flavour, keeping the meat tender and juicy throughout the cooking process.

versatile cooking: BBQ, oven roast or air fry

One of the best things about our chicken is its versatility. Whether you're a fan of smoky char from the BBQ, the slow roast perfection of your oven or the modern convenience of air frying, our jerk chicken delivers exceptional results every time.

the perfect pairing: rice and peas with mango salsa

To complete the experience we recommend serving wihth a side of classic rice and peas. The creamy coconut-infused rice balances the bold jerk flavours perfectly. for a refreshing twist add some pineapple and mango salsa. The tropical sweetness of the salsa complements the spiciness of the chicken for an experience you won't forget!