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Prince Charles's Message of Hope to Farmers

Blog • November 20th 2013

Last week, HRH Prince Charles guest edited a commemorative edition of the rural stalwart Country Life. He curated and organised the magazine in its entirety, and the final product serves as a fierce emblazon of his discerning and passionate opinions on farming and rural life.

The Prince has become one of the countryside's most important crusaders. In his Country Life editorial, and in all other interviews he conducts on the subject of farming and produce, he expresses deep concerns about the wellbeing of farmers. He emphasises how vital family farms are to the remaining, delicate fabric of the countryside, and how little encouragement they receive from retail giants and consumers.

Prince Charles argues that farmers are seemingly punished for choosing their way of life, although in fact it is they who weather the biggest risks of all; riding the uncertainties of producing food in Britain. The immensely valuable produce which they tirelessly rear and grow is bought by supermarkets for the smallest sum possible, and yet these farmers remain muted and powerless.

Farmison & Co. are in complete agreement with Prince Charles' admonitions. We work with some of the most fantastic producers in Britain, and we are determined to see their efforts appreciated. Given the exceptional quality of the produce they provide us, it is outrageous that they do not reap any reward.

It is crucial that we continue to advocate the production of food with integrity. Britain's farming communities hold the key to an immeasurably rich bank of knowledge and we must protect and support those who manage our countryside. As Prince Charles remarks in his editorial, 'the countryside is the unacknowledged backbone of our national identity. It is as precious as any of our great cathedrals, and we erode it at our peril.'

Industrialisation of food production is standardising taste and expectation; leading to the disappearance of thousands of wonderful food varieties and flavours. Local producers continue against the odds to grow and rear delicious and individual produce, without which Britain's culinary landscape would be a dull picture. Farmison & Co. wants to see farmers enjoying national profits which reflect the quality of their produce and represent a market of real value. For too long their expert, artisan methods have been depreciated and devalued, but it is essential that these rural communities are supported and encouraged once more.