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Our Top Tips For Freezing & Defrosting Our Meat

Blog • April 21st 2015

Though an everyday task, there are a number of simple measures you can take to make sure you're keeping things safe in the kitchen, and enjoying the very best meat possible.


  • On delivery of your fresh Farmison & Co products ensure the label is intact and the packaging is not damaged
  • If the packaging is damaged transfer to a new sealable freezer pouch, gently easing out as much excess air as possible before sealing the products. Ensure the new pouch is relabeled, and, if you are splitting a batch of products each package should be relabelled and the date the product is frozen wrote onto the pouch
  • If freezing the goods upon delivery, mark the package with a indelible marker pen with the date you are freezing the products on
  • Farmison & Co suggest freezing produce for a maximum of 3 months
  • When placing goods in the freezer place towards the bottom of the freezer and make sure there are no heavy items sat on the product
  • Your freezer should be set at a minimum of minus 15 oc


  • Prior to cooking your products you must remove the items from the freezer a minimum of 24 hours before use (48 hours on larger joints in excess of 1 kilo)
  • Place the item on a flat tray and place in the bottom of the fridge to defrost gently
  • Before cooking, the items must be thoroughly defrosted (meat soft to touch)
  • Remove from the packaging, pat any excess moisture away and prepare to cook following your chosen recipe


  • Never defrost in warm areas such as on or near a radiator or in direct sunlight
  • Never defrost in warm or hot water
  • Never defrost items placed above cooked or ready to eat produce
  • Never defrost meat which is close to or out of date