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Nidderdale Black Bacon Steaks, Fried Duck Egg & Pineapple

Blog • April 22nd 2014

Our Black Bacon Steaks are legendary.


To get the distinctive taste our pork loins are cured for over a month. Firstly they're treated with sea salt and dark brown sugar, a little Yorkshire ale, plus a secret blend of spices. Once the Master Butcher thinks they're ready we then hang the pork to naturally dry and intensify the flavour.

  1. For a chef's treat I simply grill the steaks on a heavy based griddle pan.
  2. Alongside them I grill the pineapple cut into good thick slices.
  3. Your know they're both ready when they caramelize and char on the edges
  4. Then I gently fry a duck egg in butter keeping the yolk nice and runny, finish with a big bunch of fresh peppery watercress and home made chips.

If you need a little guidance as to how pan fry, griddle, or sautee to best effect check out my hints and tips:-

  1. Firstly, remove you meat from the packaging, and place on a paper towel to lose any excess moisture.
  2. If the meat is well marbled, like a rib eye steak is, we need no extra fat in which to cook. However if the meat is lean massage in a small dollop of goose or duck fat, and if using lighter flavoured meats and poultry massage in pomace oil.
  3. Heat the griddle or frying pan until smoking hot and place the meat service side down: I always go for the widest, most attractive side.
  4. Do not move the meat until the meat is seared with a rich nut brown colour.
  5. Be sure to use all your senses when cooking this. If it smells good then usually it will be good.
  6. Once it's coloured, turn over and carry on cooking for a few moments until it's done to your liking.
  7. For rare, the meat should be soft to the touch, and firm if well done.
  8. Next remove onto a wire tray and rest in a warm place for 5 minutes or so, before rubbing a knob of good quality butter into the flesh. This is vital to allow the proteins to relax and the moisture and tenderness levels to increase.