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May Newsletter: Fresh From the Farm

Blog • April 30th 2014

With the lambing season beginning to draw to an end, it's been a marvelous month for sheep at Farmison & Co with our Herdwick lamb being royally recognized!

Having recently gained Protected Designation of Origin, the Herdwick lamb can now only be labeled as such if it comes from the Lakeland fells, and the very first batch of these special lambs to be sold at auction near Kendal were paid a visit by HRH Prince Charles, who is a keen advocate of the breed.

Local auctioneers, buyers, farmers, and our very own supplier Stephen Airey of Snowdrop Villa Farm, and John Pallagi, our director, met the Prince. Stephen as it is happens is the only slaughter man in Cumbria legally allowed to slaughter animals under the PDO regulations, and has been a key figure in the gaining of PDO status.

This recognition safeguards this iconic breed which can be often seen grazing in the high fells of Cumbria, and which has a burgeoning reputation amongst chefs.

It also safeguards a centuries old farming culture, and if you haven't already tried it, Herdwick lamb really is superb. It's rich in Omega 3, well marbled, and boasting a melt in the mouth quality, making it the perfect choice for seasonal Spring roasts for family gatherings, or popping on the barbecue.

There's also been plenty of new breeds added to the site this month, not least the majestic Sussex breed. It used to be a common sight in the Home Counties as an ox, often used by woodsman to lug timber. With the onset of mechanised labour, the breed's survival was ensured by the fantastic quality of the meat.