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Introducing Spicentice: The Best Way to Spice Up a Meal

Blog • July 17th 2013

It's all hotting up at Farmison & Co: literally and metaphorically! Flush from our success at the Grocer Gold awards, we've been working hard to get the shop ready for Summer, with all the salads, different meat cuts, and recipes you need to be prepared to make the most of the seasonal cooking.

That's why we're very pleased to introduce our latest British artisan supplier, the family run Spicentice. It's just in time for the fantastic weather too, as we're stocking their rubs - ideal for using with barbecue meat - and their spice kits perfect for making a nice curry.

Based in Leicester, their versatile and suitably spicy range of produce takes on Moroccan, Jamaican, Indian, Italian, Portuguese and Thai cuisine, and has already won accolades. They won big at the Great Taste Gold Awards and have been praised by John Torode of Masterchef as 'taking the mystery out of cooking.'

John's got the nail on the head there. The reason our foodie senses are tingling is because Spicentice saves you having to buy a jar of pre made sauce - potentially with all sorts of nasties in it - and saves you risking a burnt tongue when trying to mix your own spices.

It's worth it. For starters Spicentice use the best herbs and spices to be found: no added flavourings, preservatives, and colourings here, and the results of this are - it's fair to say - pretty spectacular.

If you're used to ready made sauces, how authentic curry can taste when made at home may surprise you (although of course it tastes much better with free range native breed meat thrown into the mix!) There's a lot to play around with too: We're stocking Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Thai Green Curry, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Inside each kit you'll find a handy shopping list letting you know what goes well with the spice mix, and a recipe. That's to make things a whole lot simpler, though you can always play about with the spices, adding your own flavours to make the perfect meal.

With five different spice mixes on sale, there's plenty to get your teeth into to, but that's not all: We're also stocking their Italian and Barbecue foodie-fantastic and versatile rubs. These blends of herbs and spices are perfect if you're firing up the barbecue anytime soon, while you can find hints and tips in each pot to provide inspiration as to what to do with these delicious mixes.

That could be rubbing into meat, sprinkling into dishes, glazing onto roasting joints and veggies, marinating meat, basting a turkey, combining with breadcrumbs, or using as paste for sauces to spice up some meat, a meal or to rustle up a tasty snack.

I did say they were versatile! Luckily though you don't have to guess what to do for the best results, Spicentice also include hints and tips for each rub in the pots (which, I must say, look very attractive on the kitchen shelf).

So, if you're planning on firing up the barbecue anytime soon, or serving up a spicy treat don't forget to give these little pots of perfection a look. There's different combinations of herbs and spices to suit all tastes!