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Introducing Our New Saucepan Ready Range

Blog • May 25th 2021

Our new Saucepan Ready range is here. Boasting exciting flavours from both close to home and further afield, there are four dishes to try - lamb hot pot, chilli con carne, chicken tikka masala, and beef ragu.

These handy pouches of sauce and meat promise nourishing, satisfying flavours for your kitchen. I find that often the very best food has simple yet quality ingredients, and it's this principle that defines our saucepan ready range: simple classics done well with the best ingredients.

Every meal, in my book, should be enjoyed, and the joy of these dishes is their versatility. The range is simply ideal if you're looking for an easy mid-week meal, an indulgent sit-down dinner, or, in the case of one colleague, hearty food for hiking expeditions.

It has been my ambition for some time to create something original for our growing base of loyal customers. It was the pandemic that facilitated this. While the supermarkets shut off delivery slots, we made a company decision to make sure everyone who wanted to could buy food from us. It was all hands on deck, and it was a Herculean effort on the part of my colleagues. When I wasn't helping to prepare orders, I was in the kitchen preparing meals for the team to keep them going. The staff at Farmison & Co worked around the clock, and I ensured they were fed with nutritious and wholesome food to help keep the wheels on our operation. It was somewhat of a return for me to my restaurant days, catering for hundreds of people - and just like my restaurant days - it was important to me that the food was stunning.

In the weeks that followed, I perfected my recipes. At the same time as demand grew for our food, we were faced with carcass balance conundrums. If everyone buys prime cuts, there's a lot of meat left over still to use. Well, I enjoy working with the less fashionable cuts; often they carry the extra flavour, but require the extra work. They're also ideal for classic dishes, and I worked closely with my colleagues in our butchery to get the right cuts to bring out the flavours of the sauce.

I've prepared some servings suggestions to go with each dish. The aim was to help you at home elevate the saucepan ready ranges into more rounded and luxurious meals with simple additions. For my money, that's much easier than a meal kit, and allows you to be creative in the kitchen.

Browse the range here.