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8 Tips For The Perfect Steak This Valentine's Day

Blog • February 14th 2018

8 Tips For The Perfect Steak This Valentine's Day

1. Pat your steak dry and bring to room temperature before cooking

2. Massage the steak directly with goose fat to develop rich, caramel notes

3. Salt the steak just before cooking. Salting too early draws blood from the meat causing it to become dry

4. Don't overcrowd the cooking base, a couple of medium sized steaks per pan

5. Cook over high heat turning the steak only once after a rich, golden crust has formed, then reduce heat to medium

6. Add a generous knob of butter and baste the steak for the last minute of cooking for a delicious finish

7. The perfect medium rare steak should be 54°C in the centre

8. Leave to rest in a warm place at least 5 minutes before carving for succulent meat