Senior PHP Developer

We are looking for candidates to fill a senior PHP & Magento 2.0 back-end developer position. The position (initially) focuses on maintaining a bespoke Zend2 codebase (our website,, and supporting the business in day to day operations and development.

We also have a legacy Zend1 codebase, providing functionality to the business that will be retired post the introduction of our new ERP platform. The position will expand into leading the development effort for our new e-commerce offering once we have completed the implementation of our new ERP system (in 2018). The plan is to eventually retire our current codebase. Candidates with experience in an agile, high performing, e-commerce environment will be given preference.

A 'laundry list' of skills is never the best indication of candidate, or environment, but the technologies we work with today include PHP, Zend, SQL, RabbitMQ, A LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP), Git, CI (Jenkins), SOLR, Gulp and Jquery.

You will be bringing development chops and experience with Magento 2.0 into that mix, and ideally be comfortable with AWS architecture and designing highly performative, decoupled systems.

Whilst this is not a front-end role (we outsource front end development), some front end skills are desirable to make and implement minor changes as needed.

We are also looking for someone who is great at understanding complex OOP systems, and entirely comfortable with static and functional code analysis. We don't expect you to love it, but we also need you to not be terrified of documentation!

Current projects 'on the go' include implementing Stripe as a new payment gateway, redesigning our server infrastructure and migrating to AWS, Implementing a Subscription billing platform and much more.

We are also recruiting for a DevOps position (see ), that will additionally be providing Dev support to yourself. We would expect you to be able to help develop this more juniors persons developmental skill set.

Our day to day tool-set includes Asana, GitHub, GSuite & Slack.

We have an fantastic and open office culture - people work hard and love what they do. We are looking for someone who can fit in culturally, communicate well and add to environment.

Developers work best in the right environment - we are investing significantly in a brand new premises, and will be moving (within Ripon) in August this year. We have included options to hot-desk, static-desk, and to move between an immersive energetic office and quiet zones as you need. That 'right environment' includes your desktop - we will provide the right candidate with a new surface book 2, an IDE and development tools of choice, and a budget for peripherals, monitors and headphones.

We believe that it is vital for developers (and others!) to always be learning in such a fast moving field. As such, we have an established budget for education and a certain amount of your time will be dedicated to maximising your skill set during normal business hours. Even the most experienced developers in this position will have the opportunity to, and be expected to expand and improve their skill sets in appropriate technologies.

While the compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon your experience and other qualifications, the approximate salary range that has been approved for this position is £45k to £55k. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, including 50% off all of Farmison's Steaks!

Farmison & Co - based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, are an online butchers, passionate about getting great products onto peoples plates. Winners of the 2016 and 2017 Butchers of the year, and most recently the Food & Drink awards 2018 as online business of year, the brand is going from strength to strength. We operate an ecommerce website as well as providing Britain’s best heritage meat to famous names like the Ivy, Tommy Banks and Liverpool FC. To find out more apply online, email us on or call us on 01765 601 226