Pure Goose Fat


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Free Range Great Britain

With a high burn point, this premium goose fat makes for the best roast potatoes imaginable, with characteristic flavour that complements other meats and roasted vegetables so well. This goose fat in particular is a chef’s favourite, and boasts a strong reputation, having been used by Delia, Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein.

This goose fat come from geese royalty, having featured on Delia Christmas, The Two Fat Ladies, Rick Stein Christmas Special Food Heroes, Jamie Olivers' Christmas at Home and The Archers. Geoff & Judy Goodman are two local farming stalwarts of the community, and have farmed at Walsgrove Farm in Great Witley since the late 1950s. The geese spend their lives in large open fields and meadows, feeding on a natural diet of homegrown wheat and foraging on wild herbs, worms and insects.