Hot Smoked Poussin

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Grain Fed Can Be Frozen Ready To Eat Seasonal Smoked Chef Prepared Great Britain

The hot smoked poussin is a unique speciality, promising satisfying, succulent ‘spring chicken’ meat with an irresistible close texture and naturally imbued flavours from the sea salt brine and the hot smoking process. Arriving ready to eat, the bird is generous enough to feed two people as a memorable and intriguing centrepiece or shared between four as part of a larger meal, such as being mixed through a green salad. Our poussin are reared in the North York Moors by Dr. Paul Talling, who has dedicated his career to improving his flock of free range chickens, by running them in the great outdoors on a hearty, natural diet in a stress free environment. This is an instant favourite, and a must for discerning tables.

The poussin is a butcher’s chicken, smaller than a normal chicken, though still provides ample breast meat. To prepare the bird, we rub the poussin with a traditional sea salt brine, before hot smoking with natural wood smoke. Smoking as a process gives flavour to the meat, and locks in succulence and taste. The chickens are sourced from our long-standing supplier Dr. Paul Talling, and have the proper quality you’d expect from birds reared stress free and outside.

Perfect for shredding into seasonal salads and gourmet sandwiches, picked & folded through risotto and pasta dishes or simply part of a buffet. Remember to save the carcass to make a wonderful smokey chicken broth.