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  1. The day before I like to marinade the pork in the spice mix, so take the fennel seed, lemon, garlic, sea salt, olive oil, chilli and mix to a paste.
  2. Massage the mix into the tenderloin coating evenly.
  3. Next tightly wrap in cling film twisting at both ends to form a perfect sausage shaped cylinder.
  4. Chill for at least 4 hours, ideally overnight.
  5. To cook the meat I either use a very hot griddle pan or even better bbq on direct heat, around 200°C, remove the Clingfilm and wipe away excess moisture and leave to air dry for a few minutes then place onto your chosen griddle or bbq.
  6. Leave for 3 to 4 minutes whilst the meat forms a rich caramel on the exterior then turn a quarter and keep charring until the whole cylinder is evenly crusted.
  7. This should take around 12 minutes in total.
  8. Leave to rest in a warm place.
  9. For the greens, trim away any tough stalks then blanch until tender in boiling salted water, then refresh in ice cold water and remove any excess moisture once cool.
  10. Take a sauté or fry pan and add the butter, soften the shallot over medium heat, next add greens and toss until hot and glossy.
  11. Finally add pinenuts and raisins, season to taste.
  12. Place in warmed serving plate.
  13. Carve the pork into medallions and place over greens.
  14. Serve with a fresh lemon wedge and some roasted new potatoes.