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Originally from the West Country, Tom Kerridge made his name as the Head Chef of the Michelin starred Adlards, before setting up the Hand and Flowers in 2005 which has gone on to hold two Michelin stars, the first pub to do so. He is most recognizable from Saturday Kitchen appearances, and his TV series Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food.


Method for beef shin

  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C/ 325°F/ Gas 3.
  2. Place the beef shins into a large bowl with the red wine, cover and leave to marinade in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Strain the shins through a sieve, reserving the wine, then pat the shins dry.
  4. Place the red wine into a saucepan and bring to the boil - skim off the scum that comes to the top.
  5. Heat a large casserole until medium hot, add the vegetable oil, onion, carrot, celery and ginger until browned.
  6. In a separate frying pan, sear the shins in a little oil until browned very well.
  7. When the shins have browned, drain them into a colander to get rid of any excess cooking fat.
  8. Place the shin on the top of the vegetables in the casserole, cover with the skimmed red wine and veal stock.
  9. Add the bay leaves, clove, white pepper corns, thyme and 3 tsp salt.
  10. Bring to a simmer, cover with a lid then place in the oven and braise for 2 ½ hours.
  11. When cooked, remove from the oven and leave the shins to cool down in the stock.
  12. When cool, remove the shins from the stock and pass the stock through a chinois into a saucepan and skim off any fat.
  13. Place back onto the heat and cook over a medium heat until reduced by ½ then pass through a fine sieve.
  14. To reheat the shin, warm it through in a covering of shin stock

Method for the sauce

  1. Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and cook over a medium heat until the carrots are soft.
  2. Turn the heat up and cook over a high heat until the liquid glazes the carrots.

Method for the cabbage

  1. Heat a frying pan until medium hot, add the butter and cabbage then cover and cook until just tender.
  2. Stir in the caraway seeds, season and serve.

To serve

Pile the cabbage onto the plate, place the carrot alongside then finish with the beef shin and little liquor.