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This is a versatile salad and can be combined with crisp skinned chicken breast, flakes of sea salt and a little chopped tarragon.


  1. To arrange this simple yet beautiful salad mix kohlrabi, apple, shallot, mustard and lemon together
  2. Lay ham on serving plates
  3. Form an egg shaped pile of salad in centre of plate, pick over watercress and serve with toasted sourdough
  4. Alternatively replace ham for gravadlax of salmon

Note: Kohlrabi is also great cooked, best cutting into small cubes and simmering in 2 parts chicken broth, 1 part butter similar to fondants potatoes till golden and tender, reducing juices to glaze the kohlrabi.

Note: Try this with crisp skinned chicken breast,few flakes of sea salt and a little chopped tarragon

Source: My collection - Jeff Baker - J Bakers Bistro Moderne