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  1. Preheat your oven to 140ºC fan assisted or 150ºC for ovens without a fan.
  2. Choose a suitable sized ovenproof casserole with a tight fitting lid.
  3. Season the meat just prior to colouring with good quality sea salt.
  4. Make a mirepoix by roughly chopping equal amounts of onion, carrot and celery (or our preferred choice of celeriac, the root of the celery) plus a sprig of thyme and the garlic cloves.
  5. Take a large, heavy based frying pan and place the joint fat side down onto the pan, searing the beef all over until a rich brown colour, then transfer to the casserole dish.
  6. Next fry the mirepoix until lightly coloured & add to the casserole dish.
  7. Add the red wine and beef stock, then cover & gently cook for 4 hours or until the meat is meltingly tender when pierced.
  8. Carefully pass the stock from the casserole dish then reduce a little, thicken with a tablespoon corn flour mixed with a little cold water and whisked into the boiling stock.
  9. Pour the thickened stock (gravy) over the meat and vegetables & serve piping hot finished with the chopped parsley.