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cooked pigeon breasts with Korean chili & cauliflower


Method for the pigeon

  1. Start by making the marinade, simply whisk together the gochujang, soy, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger then marinade the pigeon breasts in the gochujang marinade.
  2. Preheat a griddle or heavy based frying pan until it sizzles when you add a drop of oil.
  3. Sear the breasts on both sides over high heat, a couple of minutes in total until well coloured.
  4. Press the breasts with your thumb, they should have a slight spring to touch before resting.
  5. Leave to rest in a warm place for a couple of minutes before carving at an angle into thin slices.

Method for the cauliflower

  1. In a heavy based pan add the cauliflower pieces then cover with the milk and a pinch of sea salt, bring to a simmer and cook until tender.
  2. Strain away liquid into a separate bowl and reserve.
  3. Blend the cauliflower into a smooth puree adding a little of the reserved milk and a few knobs of cold diced butter until you achieve a rich velvety puree.
  4. Season to taste and keep warm.

To serve

  • Serve the pigeon on the cauliflower puree, for added texture this would pair well with tempura vegetables and extra gochujang for dipping.
cooked pigeon breasts