Topside of Veal

A lean, tasty joint from the rump

Lean, tender, and notable for its ability to absorb flavours, this cut of elegant prime veal is well served by braising or pot-roasting, and ideal as an alternative centrepiece.

Butchers Block:
Sourced from ethically reared veal, this topside is cut from the rear of the animal after four to five days hanging to achieve characteristic. We then bone, roll, and tie it by hand for a neat, easy to carve roasting joint.

Chef's Tip:
Lean, and tender, this veal topside is delicate and sweet. Slow roasted, veal topside makes for a fantastic alternative centrepiece served alongside creamed potatoes, tender fine beans, and glazed carrots.

Our Tips On How To Cook Topside of Veal

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  • Veal Topside

    A Delicate and Sweet Veal Roasting Joint Lean, tender, and notable for its ability to absorb... Find Out More

    Cut: Veal Topside

    Region: North Yorkshire

    Shelf Life: 5 Days

    Serves: up to 4





    Royal Oak Yard

    Tasting Notes


    Min. Weight: 750g (1.7lb)

    Pack Size: 750g (1.7lb)