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Whole Wild Mallard

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Serves 2

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Mallard is the largest and most common of the wild duck species, and a roast will comfortably serve two people. Our mallard is primarily sourced sustainably from the moorlands and valleys of the Dales, and boasts the hearty and natural flavours that characterises our game. Dispatched fresh, and only seasonally available, mallard makes for standout autumnal and winter cooking. NOTE: May Contain Shot

Shelf life: minimum 3 days.

Fresh & Freezable

How to cook whole wild mallard

As they are leaner than farmed ducks be aware that these wild birds roast faster, though also make for more refined dining with the rich meat offering more complex flavours. As such wild duck is increasingly in demand for restaurant menus, while our Wild Mallard is well paired with fruity flavours, such as plum or orange. All our game birds are wild, and may contain pellets.

Cook thoroughly.

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About the cut

Whole Mallard

These birds are sourced primarily from the Yorkshire valleys of Wharfedale, Nidderdale, and Wensleydale. Game was once a key part of the butcher's business with wild ducks a common part of the country diet. These birds are carefully de feathered and the innards removed before being dispatched fresh. Be sure to have a quick look for shot before cooking, in the unlikely chance it was missed.

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