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7 Day Dry Aged Pork Tomahawk


we'll choose from our selection of available heritage breeds

F&Co Trusted UK Farm

Weight: 1 x 750g

Serves: 1

Shelf life: Min 5 days

Available: Any delivery date



A British favourite of succulent pork prepared into a huge chop by our Master Butcher, our giant Pork Tomahawk is oversized cut, perfect for big appetites, ideal marinating as a barbecue or grilled dish. Our Pork Tomahawk naturally delivers impressive flavour reflecting the rich diets of our free range native breed hogs

Free Range

How to cook

The quality of our native breed pork makes for delicious giant pork tomahawk chops, perfect for plentiful mid week meals. This rustic cut is suitable for the griddle or BBQ. Absolutely delicious served with corn cooked on the BBQ and a homemade slaw.

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About the cut

Pork Tomahawk

This is our modern, giant sized take on an historical butchery cut which stretches back to the 17th century, when "Chop Houses" began serving individual portions of meat to punters. Our impressive Pork Tomahawk chops are matured for at least 14 days to intensify the flavour, and cut from the spine to include the bone to offer the character that makes our native breed pork so popular.

About the breed


we'll choose from our selection of available heritage breeds

Tasting notes:
F&Co Trusted UK Farm

It's good to eat and enjoy heritage breed meat, showing farmers that there is a market for their herds and flocks and encourage them to rear them. Without a demand for their meat, many breeds would die out altogether. When intensive farming reigned unchallenged in the second half of the last century, many of our traditional breeds all but disappeared because they don't take kindly to factory farming. We want to change this and help more people realise that we need to safeguard the natural biodiversity of our farm animals and to demand meat with intrinsic flavour that comes from higher welfare systems. All of our meat fits that bill perfectly.

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