Garden Mint Sauce

Cartwright & Butler

Shelf Life: Over 28 Days

Ready To Eat Great Britain

This traditionally made classic Sunday lunch condiment is a British favourite, with it complementing roast lamb perfectly, matching the succulence and flavour of our heritage breed lamb with its mint edge. Expect luscious mint flavour, and the characteristic deep green colour. Made to a traditional recipe by these artisan suppliers in the East Riding of Yorkshire, this is a must for the home cook’s pantry. It is lovingly prepared in a ceramic kilner style globe jar which you can use time and again for storing foods that require an airtight seal.

The sauce to have on hand when serving roasted lamb, mint sauce is naturally sharp, and in this case comes thick. The tart notes match well with the savoury nature and succulent texture of our native breed lamb, and is a must for storing in the home cook’s pantry.