7 Day Dry-Aged Holstein Veal T-Bone Steak

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 2 2 X 150g (5.3oz) £11.95
/ £5.98 each
Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Great Britain

An iconic steak with the tender sirloin and fillet separated by the characteristic T Bone. Though less bold in flavour than its beef counterpart, Veal T Bone promises succulence and subtle flavour for the connoisseur. Sourced exclusively from English farms with high welfare standards, this milk fed veal is a delicacy, and makes for refined steak dinners.

A bone in steak, cut from the animal after four to five days hanging. Paler than full-bodied beef, it is an art form to cut an immaculate T Bone with the perfect pairing of fillet and sirloin, in this case all the more difficult due to the delicate texture of the meat, and small frame of the calf. Once an unused consequence of dairy farming, veal is once again returning to restaurant menus.

Ideal for the top table, Veal T Bone is best fried or griddled to offer delicate and subtle flavour with the characteristic close texture, and is well suited to meat connoisseurs looking to try a new, discerning cut. Serve with triple cooked chips, Béarnaise Sauce, and watercress for a satisfying treat.

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