7 Day Dry-Aged Holstein Veal Silverside

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Serves: 4 1 X 750g (1.7lb) £17.95
/ £17.95 each
Can Be Frozen Great Britain

Well suited to slow roasting or pot-roasting, Veal Silverside is typically lean, and boasts characteristic pale meat with subtle flavour. Sourced from farms with strict welfare standards, this is premium milk fed English veal, which boasts the close texture that makes veal so sought after, as well as delicate character and aroma. As such the Silverside is an ideal introduction to trying out veal range.

Cut from the animal after four to five days hanging, the Veal Silverside is taken from the hindquarter just above the leg, and trimmed of connective tissue by hand for a neat joint of pale, delicate meat. This requires great skill to ensure a neat joint, with the Veal Silverside becoming increasingly popular as chefs rediscover its qualities.

Showcasing the delicate, lean attributes that make veal so prized, the Silverside is superb slow roasted on a trivet of onion, carrot, and celeriac, and served with Gratin Dauphinoise and roasted onions. As such, it’s ideal as an alternative roasting joint for smaller tables, promising subtle flavours and premium character.

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