Holstein Veal Kidney

Region: Staffordshire, UK

Shelf Life: 3 Days

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Can Be Frozen Great Britain

A superb, flavoursome cut, and coming back into fashion, Veal Kidney promises great value cooking, and is considered a British delicacy. Kidneys can be sautéed and served on toast, and is part of our commitment to offer cuts that have fallen out of the popular imagination, but showcase some of the best of British artisan butchery as well as the quality of our prime English milk fed veal.

Firm textured and plump, be sure to remove any remaining membrane of the kidney before cooking. Kidneys - like all offal - are being rediscovered at the moment as a delicacy and are very nutritious. Ours are dispatched fresh to order and come from our prime English veal, and are rich in flavour.

Split the kidney through the centre and season with sea salt just before cooking. For the best results sauté in foaming hot butter for five or six minutes, moving frequently to gain an even rich brown caramelization. Veal kidney really is outstanding served with a mustard sauce, alongside freshly chopped parsley on top of a thick, toasted slice of sourdough for a traditional breakfast.

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